The 11 Biggest Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Snubs

On Saturday, another batch of artists will join the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame at a lavish Cleveland induction ceremony. Plenty of them are artists well-worthy of canonization: Guns N’ Roses, the Small Faces, the Beastie Boys. None of this changes the weird reality that the Hall Of Fame is a fundamentally silly institution, one that attempts to recognize artists of worth but leans toward confusing pile-ups of boomer-approved fixtures.

The Hall has made a few attempts to throw bones to artists that come from outside Rolling Stone overlord Jann Wenner’s clear taste-preferences, and it deserves credit for recognizing Madonna, Run-DMC, and Black Sabbath, amongst countless others. But plenty of massively successful and important artists have yet to find a place in the museum; it’s odd, for example, to consider a world in which the Dave Clarke Five are more important than Chic. Check the gallery above for our list of artists who, inexplicably, have not yet made their way to Cleveland.