Hall & Oates Are Back Together Again, Soft Rock The Troubadour

We saw the surprisingly decent Hall & McCoy a little bit ago, but Daryl’s more impressive partner has always been John Oates (even when DH can barely stay awake, drugged up and gone in his special throne). Last week the Philadelphia twosome played their first shows at the Troubadour in Los Angeles in 35 years. That’s more years than we are old. The two shows were sold out, but NME gained entrance:

The band were in high spirits during their two-hour set Friday night (May 23), which saw them playing hits including “Maneater,” “She’s Gone” and “Rich Girl” as well as Daryl Hall’s solo material and some obscure numbers.

“We’ve never played this one outside Atlantic Records,” Hall said before the band launched into “Had I Known You Better Then,” a melodic ballad on which John Oates sings lead vocals…

Hall & Oates were backed by a tight five-piece band featuring musicians such as Tom ‘T-Bone’ Wolk, with whom they’ve played for years.

The house lights were turned up throughout their entire set, giving the proceedings a homely, community vibe. “I see you all smiling, that’s good,” Hall said — smiling himself throughout the entire night.

Hall & Oates returned to the stage for two encores, concluding the night with a rare performance of their massive 1981 hit “Private Eyes.”

We weren’t there, but we do have some video, including that massive 1981 hit “Private Eyes.” You might be sad to know Oates didn’t reprise his massive 1981 stache, though he certainly makes up for it with his massive 2008 guns.

“I Can’t Go For That (No Can Do)”

“Rich Girl”


“Private Eyes”

They sound/look great. You can see more examples of them sounding and looking great at YouTube.