New Digital Leather Video – “Hurts So Bad” (Stereogum Premiere)

In the one-sheet for Warm Brother, Arizona-bred Digital Leather mastermind Shawn Foree talks about coming up with his current moniker after years of taking acid and making home recordings on his 4-track:

i think the combination of drugs and reading too much postmodern theory (baudrillard, lyotard, lacan) is what first inspired DL thematically. but i was still pretty much doing the same thing as always: recording in my bedroom. not caring what people thought. the concept of DL just kinda stuck with me and evolved. never had the desire to do anything else like start some side project, or work at a bank. although i did have to work at a porn shop for a year. that was fucking scary. i used to do graveyard shifts. sometimes i’d go in there drunk and pass out in my chair behind the register. i’d wake up an hour later to some creepy old man trying to by a sixteen inch dildo or something.

He lives in Omaha now and finds himself backed by a second guitarist, bassist, and drummer. He no longer works in the porn shop, but this video for Warm Brother’s “Hurt So Bad” does involve a friendly gloryhole.

Just what is a “warm brother”?

the title Warm Brother is a nazi derogatory term for homosexual. i like the sound of these words together and i love anything provocative. i’m like a junky for provocation and aberration. i am fascinated with human sexuality. i don’t really believe in just gay or just straight. it’s lame to label yourself or others. i like to stay in the gray area there. i’m all for legal gay marriage though. on that note, i’m also for the socialization of health care, regulation on corporate greed, and, of course, alternative fuel.

With instigation like that, you won’t be surprised to discover/remember that Digital Leather’s managed by Jay Reatard (for real). Here’s another Warm Brother track, “Photo Lie.”

Digital Leather – “Photo Lie” (MP3)

Warm Brother is out via Fat Possum.