That Ghost – “Shouldn’t Leave The Estate”

19-year-old Santa Rosa multi-instrumentalist Ryan Schmale approaches That Ghost’s fuzzy, spacious pop in a way that reminds us more of vintage garage rockers and Robert Pollard than his lo-fi peers. See, for instance, “Shouldn’t Leave The Estate,” a song from the forthcoming Get It And Get Out EP that premieres in this week’s Drop. We asked Schmale about it.

What inspired the song title?
It is about being isolated at your house or wherever you live and not leaving. Being reclusive or agoraphobic. The way it effects the mind and what causes the feeling that you need to stay in.

Can you explain the storyline?
The song is just about a guy not wanting to leave the house or feeling that he can’t. This could be due to not wanting to face others or having a feeling of safety or control while in the confines of walls or a fence or whatever… If he in fact finally agrees to leave the house then people have to “start to treat me right.”

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