The Walkmen – “Heaven”

In February, our T. Cole Rachel spoke with the Walkmen’s Hamilton Leithauser about their forthcoming, Phil Ek-produced record, which later got a name and a more official announcement. Behold:

STEREOGUM: I’m always fascinated by the role the producer plays with bands, how involved it is sometimes and how not involved it is sometimes. Historically, has it been beneficial for you guys to work with a producer?

HL: We’ve never really done it before. I’m trying to think of … I guess when we were doing some of the old songs — “The Rat” I think — and we were making these bad, bad recordings. We did it again and again and kept spending money on it. Then somebody suggested a producer and finally we did another one that sounded like shit and we were like “OK, let’s get someone else to do it.” And he came in and did a much better than we’d done. And then we sort of had the same thing at the end of Lisbon. We had just been doing these songs over and over again. We liked the songs but didn’t like the recordings we were turning in. So we went to Texas and did it with John Connell just blindly and he brought a lot of live sound that we hadn’t been doing. Those were the two times we’ve done it and it really did work out.

Now the first glimpse of Heaven has been posted, the title track. Have at it below.

Heaven is out 6/5 on Fat Possum.

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