New Black Kids Video – “Hurricane Jane”

Coachella ’08 did no favors for our impression of Black Kids’ live set, but Reggie and his young bloods did at least look more the part than before, miming a confidence still not possessed by the Kids’ rhythm section. The band’s relatively glossy videos help to explain that disconnected swagger: backlash and growing pains aside, the Kids are being groomed. The last clip brought a powdered wig premise to the still catchy “I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend…,” and video #2 from the forthcoming album of not-MySpace-demos skips forward a few hundred years, switching between a planetarium picnic and scenes of exploding pyramids, jumping for the stars, and lots of slow-motion.

(via P4K)

Nice cape, kid. The album, titled Partie Traumatic, is out in the UK on 7/7 via Almost Gold and 7/22 around these parts via Columbia. It’s nice to hear what Bernard Butler’s doing to the demos in a proper studio setting, but we’re most interested to hear the new stuff.

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