New Cloud Nothings – “Hey Cool Kid”

Maybe we’re not ready to call it a trend, but Cloud Nothing’s ebullient, gently snotty lo-fi pop does pair nicely with Wild Nothing’s “Confirmation,” at least on a textural level. I don’t know all that much about Cloud Nothings besides a vague Ohio address, a CD/cassette forthcoming on California’s Bridgetown Records, a tendency to use the words “me” and “my” in MySpace updates, and that a Cory Arcangel-style cloud is the official CN “photo.” But really, you don’t need to any more than that to know “Hey Cool Kid” has one hell of an immediate hook to go with its seeming sarcasm.

Cloud Nothings – “Hey Cool Kid” (MP3)
(Via Transparent Blog)

You’ll find another track “Whaddya Wanna Know?” at MySpace.