Kindness – “House”

Kindness is British-born singer/songwriter Adam Bainbridge and his band of soulful dance party creators/enthusiasts, an outfit in possession of the wonderful debut LP World, You Need A Change Of Mind. Maybe you met them on the back of the glitz-dusted, spacious post-disco gem “Cyan,” or via shiny shoes and dance moves at SXSW, or perhaps that short-lived album stream that came just before that festival. The album is out in the UK though not here in the US for almost a month, and so here’s another one of its singles to stop the gap: “House,” which may be a reference the syncopated piano line herein, is a dance cut with slow and cozy production and lyrics that paint Adam as a really nice dude, thankfully, because how sad would it be if the guy from Kindness was a dick. Very fitting single art, too. Listen:

World, You Need A Change Of Mind is out now in the UK, and 5/8 in the US via Terrible/Casablanca. The cover of the Replacements “Swingin’ Party” is worth the price alone.

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