New Patrick Wolf Video – “Damaris”

Patrick Wolf has an unusually strong appeal to two distinct demographics: highbrow actresses and fans of S&M bondage outfits. (Actually, those demographics really aren’t that distinct. Highbrow actresses are fetishists of the highest order for all you know. Have you ever seen Showgirls? Case rested.) Regardless, Patrick doesn’t cross the streams on this high concept video for “Damaris,” the latest single from his Bachelor LP. Wolf gets a directing credit (along with Director of Photography Rory Broadfoot) and casts himself opposite the actress Gwendoline Christie, who YouTube tells us “can currently be seen playing Holly Go Lightly’s glamorous neighbour in the hit West End production of Breakfast at Tiffanys, and also in the Terry Gilliam film The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus.” There’s some choreography, some kissing of the heterosexual variety, and some nice shots of the Blackdown, West Sussex wilderness. Who knew Patrick was so dramatic? (Everybody knew Patrick was so dramatic.) Watch:

The Bachelor is out, and this is another good video from it.

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