Sunset Rubdown Sound Good In A Black Cab

It may seem silly to call anything Spencer Krug’s done in the past few years “underrated.” But for all the blogspace devoted to his manic anthems, I still think Random Spirit Lover hasn’t received its just props. I get why that is; Krug’s knotty compositions, constantly shifting while constantly circling back on themselves, increasingly require careful, sometimes studious listening. Maybe that’s what made Sunset Rubdown’s relatively tempered first album — and Spencer’s relatively Boecknered contributions to At Mount Zoomer — more widely praised affairs. Whatever, we love him. Anyway, however you parse the praise, after watching this session recorded last week in North West London, we’re pretty sure we can all at least agree: if you flagged a taxi and stumbled into this scene — 3/5 of Sunset Rubdown performing new-ish tune “You Go On Ahead” on guitar, casio keys, and a coffee mug/bucket drumkit — you wouldn’t kick Spencer out of the cab.

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