New Excepter Video – “Any And Every”

At the end of March, a commenter suggested that Excepter’s “Kill People” video “would never see the light of day if they didn’t know all the right people.” Well, what if we put it this way: That tripped-out, ritualistic mind-crunch might never have seen the light of day if Excepter didn’t know the right drugs. (Or, yeah, maybe they have naturally surrealistic minds … hugs not drugs.) Regardless, they got some more folks on their side with the tamer time-lapsed solar panels of “Sunrise,” but have gloriously returned to claim their award as most outside(r) inside band in Brooklyn for “Any And Every.” The video, directed by Adam Egypt Mortimer, was shot in Hollywood over Passover 2008 (one month ago today). It finds the band sacrificing Oscars, starring a map, visiting Boris Karloff’s star, wandering graveyards, burnings $20 bills, and the Excepter guys and gals getting orgiastic in a hot tub. All that, and it’s not only SFW, but recommended.

Glad to see John Fell Ryan’s beach ready. In the YouTube blurb, they fittingly quote Raymond Chandler’s The Long Goodbye: “In Hollywood anything can happen, anything at all.” Pass the peyote.

Debt Dept. is out via Paw Tracks.

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