David Byrne Is Webby

At this year’s 12th Annual Webby Awards, master blogger, recent Dirty Projector collaborator, and longtime Talking Head David Byrne will be receiving a lifetime achievement award. The ceremony takes place 6/10 in NYC and is hosted by Seth Meyers. This is why Byrne’s getting prized up:

…Byrne will be presented with a Webby Lifetime Achievement Award for a visionary career pushing the boundaries of music, art, and technology, for more than three decades. Since co-founding the Talking Heads in the 1970’s, Byrne has consistently been at the forefront of multimedia experimentation, from his celebrated PowerPoint art to his popular Internet radio station and blog to his latest endeavor, “Playing the Building” — converting a landmark New York City building into a giant, interactive musical instrument.

Lorne Michaels is being honored a day earlier, 6/9, at the Webby Film and Video Awards, hosted by Judah Friedlander. He’s up for those SNL Digital Shorts (though likely not all of them). Despite the name, Webby awards are an honor. Please note that “Artist Of The Year” is will.i.am. Other winners: Stephen Colbert (“Person Of The Year”), Michel Gondry (“Film And Video Person Of The Year”), and Tim and Eric (“Best Actor”). As is tradition, winners are limited to five-word acceptance speeches. will.i.am is sure to engage in some Webby-based rhymery. Sorry to bring up old slammys.

[Photo via Indyish]