New Kleerup (Feat. Lykke Li) – “Until We Bleed (Mikael’s Cello Version)”

So I know that some of us disagree on the awesomeness that is Robyn, but if you’re into it like Scott and I and the UK charts are, the Andreas Kleerup cowritten/produced track “With Every Heartbeat” hits like a song that more songs should sound like. Which is just one (very good) reason you should grab the surname-titled debut LP of Andreas Kleerup. It came out in Sweden last week, and some of the mega-singles have been floating around a bit, but for me falling in love with a record means not sleeping and listening to it on repeat while scouring for juicy bits of undiscovered ephemera that could justify a Stereogum post. Last night at 4AM it finally happened.

But first, the album. It’s essentially Kleerup’s mainstream sonic CV to date (not including his recent track for Cyndi Lauper or his work with the Meat Boys or his work as a 12-year-old drum prodigy). As such, the Robyn track made it, but so did plenty of previously unreleased singles, strung together like a club-ready monster mix. If albums were six songs long, the opening six of Kleerup would be as perfect a pop record as you’ll find in 2008. One of those six is this collab with artist to watch Lykke Li called “Until We Bleed”:

Live, obviously, but what you didn’t see there is the cello section that colors the latter part of the track. So here’s an ALL-CELLO mix (plus Lykke’s vocals) of the cut, provided by the track’s cellist and third songwriter, Mikael Karlsson. Thanks to him, and to

Kleerup (Feat. Lykke Li) – “Until We Bleed (Mikael’s Cello Version)” (MP3)

Between the two, you have a feel for the LP version. (But just get the LP.) Along with Lykke and Robyn, Kleerup gets a vocal from Neneh Cherry, as well as the teary, lonely club anthem “Longing For Lullabies” with Swedish pop vet Titiyo.

Jam. Another LP track with vocals is “3AM,” featuring Marit Bergman. Try it live:

That’s as many angles for free listens of the album that I can find on the internet, but “Hero,” “Thank You For Nothing,” the Royksoppy “Chords,” are all well worth your dollars, cents, pounds, pence, etc. They’re collectively capturing this moment in pop history, a moment in which, to my ears, all dance pop music should come with a Kleerup credit. If you like dance, club, pop, Sweden, Robyn, and/or Lykke Li, you are going to fucking love this record.

OK so maybe you don’t like any of that. Maybe you just like long-haired dudes with acoustic guitars. We got you: Meet the other incarnation of Kleerup, stripped of the studio and singing the ballad “These Two Days Will Last Forever”:

It’s called Kleerup and it belongs to EMI. It’s out in Sweden, and hopefully soon here. Bookmark this page for more good times.