Kanye West Final “Flashing Lights” Video Features Killer Soup In The Dining Room With The Butler And The Knife

I just heard some sarcastic chuckling coming from the Videogum side of the virtual office. It was Gabe. We asked him what was so funny and he said “Kanye West.” I asked him to be more specific and he said “Kanye West’s ‘Flashing Lights’ video.” I asked him if he knew there were already two versions and then he just smiled I think (I can’t see through the internet). And then he sent us this description of VERSION THREE:

Kanye was like “Imagine if Addams Family Values was actually a horror movie” and the director was like “I couldn’t possibly question your vision.” Kanye West was like “I want a video that’s a combination of The Others, something the Smashing Pumpkins would have been into in 1999 after they fell apart, and a commercial for the most disgusting soup,” and the director was like “The soup is a vampire.” Kanye West was like, “How bad of a video can we make?” and the director was like “you have no idea.”

That’s not funny, that is The Truth. It’s Clue sans jokes, but at least not without its own unintentional comedic charm. Watch. This is the last one. Thank god.

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