New Rain Machine Video – “Give Blood”

Give Blood” came as the first listen from Rain Machine, and satisfied curiosity as to what a Kyp Malone solo project would sound like — a lot like TV On The Radio! You could have framed it as an excellently shambled, loose and scuzzed late-night TVOTR basement jam and I would have bought it (literally and otherwise), which is what makes the set for the song’s official video interesting. It might sound like Kyp in his comfort zone, but it pits him in the opposite of a Brooklyn basement: a sterilized hotel room. (Clearly not his Greenpoint crib because we know what that looks like, and what it looks like is most definitely not something furnished by Connie Hilton.) Eventually the set is crashed by his BK band, who you’ll recognize from photo galleries, and a bleeding elephantine creature, who you’ll recognize from the last time you gave blood then ate too much mescaline.

Rain Machine – “Give Blood” (MP3)

Rain Machine is out via Anti-.