New MGMT Video For “Electric Feel” Features “Very Sexy Girls Who Can Dance For Real”

Yes, it is a new MGMT video for “Electric Feel.” But it is not the first video for “Electric Feel.” That one was interactive and came with the ability to adjust the color schemes and can still be downloaded if you like adjusting color schemes in your oudated videos. So what’s changed since December ’07 and now, to inspire another clip for the track? Well there’s “Time To Pretend” taking off and generating sweet licensing $$ (e.g. season finale of Gossip Girl), for one. What has not changed is Ben and Andrew’s consistent love for extras in videos. Showing skin seems essential.

I like it. I like big stuffed bears that sing “baby gurl.” And not to make you jealous, sexy girls, but you could have been in this video. In early April a since removed Craigslist casting call reblogged its way through the bowels of Tumblr with the subject:

MGMT video – open call for very sexy girls who can dance for real

Umm, hahahahaha. I like the “for real,” which definitely kept away the sexy girl who was like “I can dance,” and her friends said “for real?” and then she realized she should probably just go back to posting pictures of herself on Facebook. It’s a higher threshold. For real. I will say that this was a fun video to watch, though, and some of those sexy girls were pretty good at being for real, but as for as this week’s arousing, woodsy, primitive dance party videos, Sigur Rós just pwned you, MGMT.

Oracular Spectacular is out via Columbia.

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