Grateful Dead: Chuckin’, Got Their Chips Cashed In…

Rock shoes are fun for everyone, yeah? No. OK yeah, fun for blogging. The unexpectedly fertile field of rock/shoe tie-ins adds another photo set for the world of internet comments today, with new images of the Dead’s very own line of Converse. This makes 100 years of the shoe brand, a centennial celebration that’s already under way via the Cobain edition. Which pairs well with the Ramones’ edition, see because these are artists that had publicly proclaimed their affinity for the footwear. But for the Dancing Bears? From my limited Dead show experience (I turned 17 at the first show with an “Unbroken Chain,” which my hippie friends deemed highly auspicious) a Birkenstock or Teeva or barefoot-and-stoned line of footwear would be more fitting. But the press release we received this morning has its own ideas. Click that pic up there to see a bigger version of the shoe, and here’s another Dead design:

You can buy these American beauties through the Converse site and Journeys stores nationwide. According to TheDailySwarm, the Dead Chucks join the Cobains and the yet-to-be-seen Doors and Beatles editions as part of Converse’s celebration of countercultural musical icons that were ripe for corporate appropriation.

All of these obviously need taglines for sales. Our proposal for the Dead’s is in that post header (use it, Converse). For the Beatles? All you need is Chucks. I’m retiring from blogging for a career in advertising.

UPDATE: According to Converse, there will NOT be a Beatles-themed line of Chucks. Apologies for the misreporting. Although if they change their mind, they should still totally use our tagline.