New Real Estate – “Dumb Luck” (Stereogum Premiere)

After giving a number of listens to Real Estate’s self-titled Woodsist collection and the six-song Reality EP — which includes the recently viewed “Basement” — it’s clear the Jersey-born BTW have decided to go an even more laidback than in their very chill past. Yes, Alex Bleeker’s earning that tie-dye shirt of his. The guys are adding chamomile and verbena to their suburban beverages. And, really, the group’s adapting their summery sounds to something that makes just as much sense to me on the verge of winter. See, for instance, the winding, breezily harmonized Reality closer “Dumb Luck.” It’s fortifying to see how willing they are to take their time.

The Reality tracklist:

01 “Motorbikes”
02 “Basement”
03 “Drum”
04 “Saturday Morning”
05 “Younger Than Yesterday”
06 “Dumb Luck”

The Reality EP is out 12/18 via Mexican Summer. You can get the band’s self-titled full-length 11/17 (tomorrow) via Woodsist.

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