James Mercer Does Marc Maron’s WTF

On his often-great WTF podcast, comedian Marc Maron has rambling, fascinating conversations with two guests a week — usually fellow stand-up comics or sketch-comic types. Lately, though, he’s interviewed a few musicians, like Nick Lowe, and Carrie Brownstein, all of whom have at least some connection to the comedy world. Shins frontman James Mercer has tried his own hand at being funny a couple of times lately, and now he’s got his very own episode of WTF. I haven’t listened yet, but the description on Maron’s website claims that Mercer “defends the earnest art of the synthesizer and sets Marc straight on the difference between Danger Mouse and Modest Mouse,” both of which sound alternately fun and aggravating in the way that only WTF can be. Download the podcast here.