New Cribs Video – “We Share The Same Skies”

As far as wish fulfillment goes, the Jarman bros are second to nobody. Form a band, get a record deal, work with a range of producers from the eclectic (Bobby Conn) to the heroic (Edwyn Collins) to the headline making (Alex Kapranos) on the way to a commercially sustainable career with your siblings, and then for your fourth album expand the roster to include the guy who played guitar for the Smiths? Yikes, that sound you hear is the post-Libertines UK rock scene being so jealous everyday. When 3/4 of a band share a surname, the representative image for that band’s post should probably focus on one of the people so named. Unless that fourth person is Johnny Marr. So, tough luck Jarmans (for once). The Cribs just made a video for the poppy second single from their just-released Ignore the Ignorant LP “We Share The Same Skies,” the same track they brought to Letterman last week, and you can watch both below along with passing through these pics from the band’s show at West Hollywood’s Roxy Theatre last week by Andrew Youssef:

And here’s how it was on Letterman:

Ignore The Ignorant is out via Warner Bros.