L Magazine’s 8 Bands You Need To Hear 2012

L Magazine’s annual feature of 8 Bands You Need To Hear is always worthy of a look, especially since they do a pretty good job of identifying local up-and-comers that are just beginning to get on peoples’ radars, which is a notable feat, since the scene is so routinely over-scoured. But, there’s some interesting stuff in here, from the gauzy pop of Field Mouse and a new project from members of Wild Yaks, Harlem and the Siberians (called Daytona), so head to their site to read a little more about them. The eight who made the list — as well as honorable mentions — are listed below.

  • Ski Lodge
  • Daytona
  • Evi Antonio
  • Black Marble
  • Starlight Girls
  • Plates of Cake
  • Ravens & Chimes
  • Field Mouse

Honorable Mention:

  • Robin Bacior
  • The Immaculates
  • Island Twins
  • Old Monk
  • Hunters
  • Trailblazer

Here’s 2011’s list, for the curious.