New Beach House – “Norway”

There’s a hypestorm brewing over this one, but don’t run from it: Teen Dream is sensational. Last year we saw Beach House write a song on a train ride through some Norwegian mountains for a local TV station. The song they tossed off in transit was lovely, and we signed off that post with “Guess we can expect a(nother) great album soon then.” Which, sure, I was calling Devotion a great album because it is very enjoyable when I listen to it! But Teen Dream doesn’t expand the field so much as it changes the game. If you follow me or Scott or Beach House fanboi #1 Ed Droste on Twitter, you’ve been hearing about this LP’s forward leap in >140 character bursts — now get a listen of it in a four-minute one. Appropriately titled “Norway,” the dreamy (this is still Beach House, after all) pop track takes the seed of that acoustic train experiment and grows it into something far greater, and with far more forward motion. The familiar Beach House hallmarks (drum machine, Victoria and Alex’s vocal/guitar counterpoint) are fleshed out with live tom drums, horizon-bending hall-of-mirrors guitar lines, and Legrand laying down lines that alternately exhale gently and straight up soar. Download this:

Beach House – “Norway” (MP3)

You can also grab it as a WAV.

You crazy for this one, Beach House. Teen Dream is out via Sub Pop 1/26. (“Used To Be” is on it, too.) Follow them on Twitter, get psyched, etc.

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