ShadowBox – “A M” & “Running Like A Ghost”

Brooklyn’s ShadowBox was the opening act the night I went to Glasslands on a friend’s tip that the act listed as the Queen Of Coney Island was actually suddenly ascendent internet buzz-let Lana Del Rey. This was an accurate tip, and so the night’s undercard was overshadowed forevermore. But that ShadowBox set stuck in mind as a promising thing, if clearly a work in progress: a solo artist, Bonnie Baxter makes electronic music which alternates between homespun, bedroom intimacy and powerful, techno/house aspiration. That polarity is framed well by the front and latter halves of “A M”– registering somewhere between Laurel Halo and This Is Music’s Beca — and by the more acoustic approach to “Running Like A Ghost.” ShadowBox’s has released both to celebrate signing to the UK label Pictures, and the news of a forthcoming EP. Grab ‘em:

ShadowBox – “A M”

You can stream the second track, “Running Like A Ghost,” in the widget below:

(via FADER)

And download it for an email by clicking share. The “A M”/”Running” single leads the way for ShadowBox’s forthcoming EP Haunted By Colors, due soon via Pictures.

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