Real Estate – “Green River”

Jersey-born favorites Real Estate slowed things down and classed them up on their self-titled Woodsist full-length. We first heard a speedier “Green River” as a B-Side on the “Fake Blues” 7″. Take a listen to the album’s languid acoustic version after you read frontman Martin Courtney’s thoughts on the chill-out makeover.

How’d you decide on the new, mellower arrangement for “Green River”?
We weren’t totally happy with how the original recording of that song turned out, so we decided to rerecord it. The newer acoustic version of the song sounds more like the demo that I recorded in France on Garage Band. Also thought it kind of fit the mellower vibe of the album.

Does the new take change the song’s meaning for you?
Not really, but I think it kind of complements the lyrics a little bit better.

What inspired the song in the first place?
Like, being lost and then finding your way and then chilling.

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