Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments

This week we collected the best Record Store Day rips, prematurely evaluated Santigold and Best Coast, and directed you to some Bon Iver erotica. But if you read our Album Of The Week post, you know where all the commenting action was, and I probably don’t have to tell you who clean swept this week’s 5 Lowest Rated Comments. I will anyway, though, because it’s time for another installment of Shut Up, Dude!


Brad Walker | Apr 23rd Score:19

Glee ruins everything it touches. Fact.

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Nick Degel | Apr 23rd Score:19

Could have been worse. They could have brought Gwyneth Paltrow back to do this one.

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Colin Adams | Apr 23rd Score:22

In other news, Thom Yorke is the world’s best dancer.

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#7 cecilparks | Apr 24th Score:23

I’d say it a toss-up for album of the week. Both have their strong points.Neither however holds a candle to your meltdown in terms of sheer entertainment. Kudos!

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#6 Kris Pistofferson | Apr 24th Score:24

Now it’s only something that used to grow?

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Adam Vieira | Apr 21st Score:24

Nothing makes you feel better than being the second comment on 11PM on a Saturday night. Not only am I hanging out at home, but I can’t even do it well.

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Peter Abraham | Apr 23rd Score:31

I produced I am Trying to Break Your Heart. We started that process just trying to capture the making up the album. Director Sam Jones was prescient in his feeling that the sessions that became YHF would be important ones. In retrospect, the whole story looks linear and the events in the film stack up neatly. In reality, we had no idea what was going to happen next. There were month-long periods of uncertainty and head-scratching as we waited for the next shoe to drop. Ultimately, it made for a fascinating story, and, ultimately, a chronicle of art vs commerce.

I feel lucky to have been a part of it, and I’m gratified that both the album and the film remain culturally relevant.

Peter Abraham

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Sean Robinson | Apr 23rd Score:37

I want Kimbra in on this… I want Kimbra on a lot of things…

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Demi Adejuyigbe | Apr 23rd Score:42

If “Disparate Youth” is a lowlight of this album, this album is probably fucking terrific.

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#1 Michael_ | Apr 20th Score:42

You were so cute back then, too. Look at that smile…

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#5 Michael_ | Apr 23rd Score:-20

It got downvoted because by happily admitting you like that Gotye song is admitting that you have very poor taste and it destroys of your credibility when offering future opinions on music.

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#4 Michael_ | Apr 24th Score:-22

It’s not much of an opportunity when they’re just handing them out to anyone writing comments here.

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#3 Michael_ | Apr 24th Score:-24


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#2 Michael_ | Apr 24th Score:-25

And spoiled brat? I work 50 hrs+ a week at my real job, spend another 10 – 20 hrs a week on my own personal music blog and another 10 hrs killing myself at the gym. I’m not a spoiled brat. I earned everything that I have. My money, my free time — all DIY, you stupid fucking dick.

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#1 Michael_ | Apr 24th Score:-25

And on that note, I’m pretty angered by that in the same way the godawful Gotye feels slighted by the Glee singers. Why I’m coming down very hard on this is because I’m pretty offended that my guest post was proceeded by a commenter who I don’t think was ready for a guest post spotlight. Raptor Jesus, you’re a decent commenter, but you’re writing style just isn’t up to par to be featured here and because of that, it diminishes the quality of the one I had submitted with serious effort, arguing at security check as to why I needed to bring a pen inside in order to take notes and then fumbling around the polo fields with a notepad looking like a dork because of said notes. Had this post been given to someone like a djfreshie, I wouldn’t be too concerned as I trust djfreshie’s ability to go beyond the surface and make statements that aren’t so common fact. (He also has a wealth of knowledge of the industry alongside some writing experience, and probably wouldn’t have provided a pedestrian view of the festival.) I’m reading your assessment and it’s like you’re trying very hard to wax poetic about your experience, but what I’m taking away really are just given observations with slightly a bit more fluff layered in between the words. For example:

“Now, I’m convinced somebody scientifically scheduled Mangum’s set to take place during perpetual sundown.”

Well, yeah, duh. It’s called the “sunset slot” for a reason and anyone familiar enough with
Coachella knows that organizers intentionally schedule the weekend’s most intriguing, somewhat intimate and memorable acts to play during this time slot for that optimum atmospheric aesthetic. Leonard Cohen, The National, Fleet Foxes, The xx are all great examples. It’s not a magic surprise, a coincidental phenomena or by any means written in the stars. It’s, as you stated, planned. Worth mentioning in such a way? Probably not.

Not at all ungrateful for the consideration, but had I known my guest post’s relevance would be watered down with a mediocre-written piece 7 days later, I would have just responded to the e-mail I received from Stereogum a few hours before my flight left with, “Thanks for the offer, but you’re timing isn’t so great — I’m going on vacation for four days to enjoy myself and forget about working or thinking too much!” But I guess I wasted my time and effort. And when you waste my free time, you really get on my bad side. And now I won’t get another break for myself the rest of the year. Cool. My suggestion to Stereogum would be to only open their portal to people who take their writing seriously and have a proven track record of putting that practice to good use outside of Stereogum’s comment section. Otherwise, just leave the trying ramblings from the comment section right where they belong, in this very space I am writing right now.

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rubberjohnny0839 | Apr 20th Score:-19

the fuck? this sounds like shit lol. Tyler>>>>>>Pavement

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[Editor’s Note: This comment made me LOL.]