The Raconteurs Played Conan, Also Played With Nick Zinner

New York had a Raconteur parade this past week: three sold out nights at the much maligned Terminal 5 in Manhattan, two-song performance on the much beloved Conan O’Brien show at 30 Rock. The New York Times sent a critic to T5 who, along with noting that room’s sight/sound issues but generally giving props to the band, had this to say about Jack:

His solo on ‘Many Shades of Black’ — startling on record, the kind of thing you go back to in disbelief — here was muted and sunk in to the band’s sound.

Agreed on the solo’s awesomeness, and strangely you can just transfer that live review to the Consolers-standout’s Conan iteration. Also, Jack’s voice seems a little hoarse (we don’t even hear it here until he takes his verses in the second song, “Old Enough”). Good thing it’s a supergroup and Brendan Benson is the man. When we saw them at Coachella, they ripped. (We noted they “sounded more like a band than ever, a group greater than the sum of its super-parts.) Here they pay homage to Bo Diddley out front (“Hey Bo Diddley”), stick tight through the rest, and further the impression that this a true Band, even (or, especially) without their usual matching outfits.

“Many Shades Of Black”

“Old Enough”

Probably should’ve mentioned, an earthquake hit Terminal 5 right when Nick Zinner came out…

“Broken Boy Soldier” (w/ Nick Zinner @ Terminal 5)