Britney Goes To The Dentist

The couple that gets its teeth whitened together stays together.

I love that Brit’s holding her copay with her middle finger. (via Britney Zone).

I hear My Prerogative will be the first Britney Spears CD not to debut at #1. Does that make you sad? This will cheer you up…

Falco & Brigitte Nielsen – “Body Next To Body”

Gotta love that mangled “Rapper’s Delight” break … 1997 was such a great year for Austrian pop. Ryan Starr should cover “Body Next To Body” on her album. Dave Coulier will play hand trumpet.

Which reminds me … another cool thing coming up on VH1. For the most recent run of Bands Reunited, they tried to get the Smiths, the Commodres, and Generation X back together. Even though I knew it would never happen, I was so excited about the Smiths. The failed reunions are no longer top-secret: they’re gonna show clips from them in the “Backstage Pass” episode airing tonight. Tivo it.

Also, I’ve seen these before but never linked to them. Britney being all sexy-like (Probably don’t wanna open at work … link via Witz). C’mon, buy her album y’all, please?