New Ducktails – “Sandglider”

Earlier today we presented you with Real Estate’s mellow update on “Green River.” We called the guys busy then — new album, forthcoming EP — and I think it’s appropriate to repeat it now: Here’s “Sandglider” from Real Estater Matt Mondanile’s ambient Ducktails project. It’s a ambling outtake from his Landscape LP. If you want to position it somewhere, “Sandglider” has more immediate forward momentum than “Roses” and keeps up just fine with “Landrunner,” albeit with a slightly somber gait.

Ducktails – “Sandglider” (MP3)

Landscapes is out via Olde English Spelling Bee. This is not on it. While we’re talking about things to do at the beach, don’t forget “Parasailing.”

[Drawing by Karen Aragon]