Shabazz Palaces Remix Lushlife

“Hale-Bopp Was The Bedouins” is the Himanshu collab from Plateau Vision, the underrated new album from Philly rapper/producer Lushlife. When the track appeared in its original form, on Lushlife’s No More Golden Days mixtape, it featured the two of them going in over a Gang Gang Dance sample, which is a pretty trippy way for a rap song to start out. But now Seattle avant-rap dudes Shabazz Palaces have remixed the song, turning it into a total head-trip and adding in a new verse from Shabazz frontman Palaceer Lazaro. Listen to the remix, alongside the album version, below.

(via Gorilla Vs. Bear)

Plateau Vision is out now on Western Vinyl; buy it at eMusic.