Yeasayer Taking This NSFW Video Thing To The Next Level, Technologically Speaking

There’s a progression at play here. There was Sigur Rós filming hairless young things frolicking in the woods for “Gobbledigook,” surpassed many months later by Girls’ XXX “Lust For Life” video featuring Hunx’s junk, which itself was trumped by the Flaming Lips’ “Watching The Planets” which was a showcase for Wayne’s coyne. The untapped avenue for flesh-tones? Interactivity, no doi. Enter Yeasayer.

The band released a great single with two great remixes so I think we can all agree it’s time to take all your clothes off. Over at there’s a smeary sample of “Ambling Alp” that’s a hypnotic soundtrack to an excuse for you to interact with bare bodies running and sitting and generally being naked in a trippy way. Pan the cam, rotate, etc. It’s not the full song so not a proper video per se — maybe it’s the precursor to one. Or maybe it’s just a way to raise awareness for their 12″. (Rule: nudity is a good way to raise awareness for all sorts of 12″s). So, click.

Pro tip: You’re not supposed to watch this at work.

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