New Chll Pll Video – “Tales From The Crypt” (Stereogum Premiere)

Hella active drummer Zach Hill’s in (and has been in) more bands than you want to try to list, but we’ve most recently caught him helping out Boredoms and Marnie Stern and toughening up Wavves (more on that in a sec) when not releasing his own “solo” material. In Chll Pll Hill he does what the band’s name suggests, joining forces, calming down (a bit), and harmonizing with Hexlove’s Zachary Nelson, who layers lapping electronics (complete with dark/”funky”/sometimes gentle pop hooks) over submerged drum play. You get a taste in the self-directed strobed video for “Tales From The Crypt,” an spacey bit from Aggressively Humble. It finds Hill stepping to the mic and carving out his eyes with monsters and negative hand gestures.

Aggressively Humble is out via Porter Records. Two more samples:

Chll Pll – “Dick Moves” (MP3)
Chll Pll – “Pass Out” (MP3)

Also, as you may have heard, Hill’s not on the current Wavves tour. Instead, Nathan Williams is backed by disgruntled ex-Jay Reatard mates drummer Billy Hayes and bassist Stephen Pope. There’s no bad blood here. Hill explains:

so last week in los angeles at wavves practice i somehow mangled/broke/exploded my left hand while playing drums. it was immediately apparent that my injury was a little serious. after stopping practice i was unable to make a fist and my lacerations wouldnt stop bleeding. i visited a clinic and found i had two small fractures. one to the knuckles and one on my pointer finger plus some tweaked ligaments (unable to grip). this isnt a first for me but unfortunately the timing of its forced me to NOT be joining nate on the upcoming european wavves tour. bummer! the entire wavves tour will still go down as scheduled with some friends filling in and backing nate. they’re gonna handle it! hit up the shows! on the upside i should be straight in the hands within a few weeks and will be spending this period working on the new marnie stern album and finishing up my next solo release etc,etc,etc! PEACY P

Here’s to a speedy recovery, sir.