New Animal Collective – “Graze” & “What Would I Want? Sky”

Those 30 second samples of Animal Collective’s forthcoming Fall Be Kind EP weren’t all that satisfying. Even if you were already somewhat familiar with “What Would I Want Sky,” “Bleed,” and “On A Highway,” the mystery of opener “Graze” and seemingly epic closer “I Think I Can” still remained. We don’t want you to (ever) fall behind (see) in your AC completism, so here’s the smooth, sorta classy, piano sprinkled “Graze.” I was thinking of Morton Feldman, oddly, until the fairy dancers started their hoedown at the 3:13 mark. (Thanks for the tip, Mike.)

The Fall Be Kind EP is out digitally 11/23 and on CD and 12″ 12/15 via Domino. You can drink some mushroom tea and watch “In The Flowers” on repeat wile you wait.

UPDATE: And here’s “What Would I Want? Sky” in its official Dead-sampling glory.