New Vampire Weekend Video – “Cousins”

Following up on our post for “Cousins” The Song, here’s “Cousins” the video: The single art’s shot of the boys in a long alley doused in confetti fit the song’s manically festive, church-belled punk racer, but is pretty much a direct still from the Garth Jennings-direct clip itself, which has the kids trade spaces on a moving platform and at the fringes, on ladders and wearing masks of each other. It’s quick, quirky, and unpredictable but not without a sense of humor about itself, so pretty much perfect for a band of Ivy Leaguers who aren’t above self-satirizing their prepped up ways. Also, love the colored-tape art by (or inspired by) Brooklyn’s Aakash Nihalani. (UPDATE: Nope, not by Aakash. Interesting.)

Contra is out 1/12 via XL. And according to a tip from We All Want Someone, the Japanese version of the LP will feature two bonus tracks in “Ottoman” (also featured on the Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist soundtrack) and “Little Giant,” which has been in the band’s live rep for awhile. To refresh yourself, it sounds like this: