Gummy Awards

The Gummy Awards 2009: The Most Meaningful Vote You’ll Cast This Decade, Probably

Two things you can count on every year: the year will end, and there will be lists that piss off everybody. Being 2009, there’s bonus piss-off potential because we get to objectively rank subjective pieces of art not only for the year but also for the decade. Fun! So we’re happy to announce that the time has come for you to participate in this historically meaningful electoral process: In partnership with our sister site, we’re opening voting on this year’s annual Gummy Awards. You’ve been making your Album Of The Year lists since before this year started, so that shouldn’t be too hard. (Pass through our Heavy Rotation to refresh your recollection some more.) We also want to know about your favorite video, what artists you crush on, and your pick for Best New Act and Album Of The Decade.

Of course, life is about more than just demonstrating your superior taste in music. Life is also about your demonstrating your superior taste in TV, movies, and viral videos — i.e., the stuff covered every day on Videogum. So you’ll be voting in those non-music categories too.

Voting is fun. But it can also be very lucrative. One randomly selected entrant in this year’s Gummy Awards poll is going to win this lot of cool swag:

  • The Top 50 Albums Of The Decade (as determined by Gummys results) on VINYL, because CDs are for squid brains. This prize comes courtesy of our friends at Insound. Shop there!
  • A 160GB Apple TV so you can beam all those Mad Men and Justin Bieber downloads to your flatscreen.
  • A bottle of 2007 Lewis Vineyard Riesling AKA “Peanut Riesling” sold by Jeff Dunham. You know, the guy behind the worst thing in the entire world? Gold Medal Denver Int’l Wine Competition.

Cast your votes now at Polls close 12/2 at 6 PM EST.


(PS: Here’s who won in 2008. Here’s who won in 2007.)