Santigold Brings “Disparate Youth” To Jimmy Fallon

Here is Santi White, ambitiously asking Jimmy Fallon’s studio audience to clap in time to her reggae-inflected new wave “Disparate Youth” last night on his late night variety show. They did alright eventually (after making her titter with how bad they were doing initially)! “Disparate” is a balmy, Squeeze-y standout from Santigold’s long awaited Master Of My Make-Believe, which is out now and streaming at NPR. Below you can see Santi and her accompanists and, overall, some pretty impressive prop-umbrella game.

What I love about Santi’s backup dancers is that they are obviously choreographed in unison, but add just a touch of individual flair to each of their steps and shakes. Very proper. Also, see “Disparate Youth”‘s official video, which has Ms. White recklessly wearing an expensive looking hat whilst catching high winds in a fancy motorboat.

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