Duke A Cappella Group Does Lana Del Rey

Boy, was I ever dreading this blog-post assignment. Before actually clicking the link Scott sent over, I imagined that the Duke a cappella group would be the single most loathsome collection of people on the planet; that combination of words gives me douche-chills just by looking at it. But the group in question turns out to be all-female, which makes it easier to deal with somehow, mostly because I can’t imagine any of these ladies utterly failing to save the Bulls’ playoff chances post-Derrick Rose injury. (Seriously, Carlos Boozer, fuck the fuck off.) Anyway, digressions aside, this particular a cappella group did “Born To Die,” and it sounded OK. I could’ve done without the beatboxing, but the main girl does a pretty eerie LDR impression. Watch it below.

This isn’t enough to make up for Christian Laettner’s general existence, but it’s something.

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