This Must Be The Place

Saw Sufjan Stevens at Southpaw Sat night; I got there so early, I caught the end of the early show (Robyn Hitchcock) — thank you stranger who gave me the free ticket. More on Sufjan here, and Robyn love here.

Following up on last week’s David Byrne post, we finally get to hear Arcade Fire’s version of Talking Head’s popular favorite:

Arcade Fire – “This Must Be The Place” (Live In Cambridge 11/12/04)

Link via Bradley’s Almanac, who’s got more MP3s from the show (and photos).

Random links:

  • This movie looks good. (Cool trailer tunes too: Franz Ferdinand, David Byrne, and Peter Gabriel.)
  • ODB Meets Posh Spice. (Dirty: “I like your music.” Posh: “I like your teeth.”)
  • Britney enrolls in college? To study physics presumably.