U2, Nick Cave (But Not Anvil) Among Oscar Hopefuls

The little-documentary-that-could The Story Of Anvil, about the band that was like a “real life Spinal Tap” right down to having a drummer named Robb Reiner, stole everyone’s heart this past year. Except for people whose hearts are made of stone. Or metal. Well if your heart was made of \m/ metal then it probably stole your heart, too. But if your heart is made of Oscar-material precious metal, then it didn’t steal your heart, it made your heart snub it from its rightful place on the 15-film Best Documentary Academy Award shortlist (via RS). Granted I’ve never seen most (i.e. any) of the docs that made the cut, but from what I can gather none boast quite the combination of pathos and punny album titles that Anvil does, and that’s just heartbreaking. Also not winning favor with the Oscars’ doc department: It Might Get Loud, the documentary which tackled the history of the electric guitar via the guitar-geek wet dream ménage à trois scenario of a Jimmy Page, The Edge, and Jack White jam session.

But while the Edge’s documentary got shafted, his band is positioning themselves for a run at a Best Song Oscar by penning a track called “Winter” (sample lyric: “summer sings in me no more”) for the Jim Sheridan film Brothers. (Apparently it’s also slated for the next U2 studio album, apparently titled Songs Of Ascent). To paraphrase Bono, U2 are reapplying for the most award-hungry band in the world. You can hear that track below, along with some songs from the possibly-Oscar-worthy The Road OST by Warren Ellis and Nick Cave.

U2 – “Winter”

Nick Cave & Warren Ellis – “The Road”

Nick Cave & Warren Ellis – “The Boy”

The Road streams come via The Playlist who have one more, and U2’s “Winter” via twentyfourbit.com.

Poor Anvil.