New Jonathan Boulet Video – “A Community Service Announcement”

This dude’s the latest signing to Australia’s Modular label, landing with a tidy package of promotional offerings: a catchy, moistly breezy indie-pop debut single that couldn’t be better titled for a meet-the-artist track; a subtly arresting/marginally tricked-out video; and a slightly more ambient take-away remix by long-time post-rocker the Album Leaf. Here’s to good starts. We’re told Boulet is 21 and a Sydney skate rat. Which means skate rat music in Sydney is a far cry from the shit-encrusted lo-fi tracks coming from skaters on our own west coast, or Boulet is an outlier wielding his board with a softer heel. Irrelevant — the point is it’s better produced and warmer edged, perfectly calibrated as a respite from the approaching cold here, or a reminder of how temperate things in the Aussie hemisphere are the rest of the year. “A Community Service Announcement” practically drips with humidity, a honeyed guitar bit pushed along by tropical toms, a pop song’s forward movement that’s fit for cruise boat line-dancing. If that sounds ripe for the OST to a Disney film set in some sunny climes well… it sort of is. But then there’s this Special Problems-directed video where someone gets offed and dumped into a lake, suggesting their might be some menace beneath the mellifluousness. We’ll need more than one Boulet track to fully suss. Until then, here’s a community service announcement:

Jonathan Boulet – “A Community Service Announcement (The Album Leaf Remix)” (MP3)

Jonathan Boulet is out 12/4 via Modular. More to listen at MySpace.