Ben & Zooey Play WTF?!, DCFC Do Kimmel

Actor Tim Robbins curated the WTF?! Festival this weekend in Culver City to raise money for the ailing non-for-profit Actors’ Gang arts organization, inviting fellow actor Ben Gibbard and his rock star wife Zooey Deschanel to perform amidst three days of plays, film screenings, and various other artsy happenings. LA Snark reports that David Crosby joined Ben and Zooey on some Everly Bros tunes, and that Gibbard’s set was a survey of all his recent endeavors, from the Keruoac tunes to the vampire tunes to the ironic retelling of Gibbard’s own bit of LA snark, “Why You’d Want To Live Here” (Ben’s an LA resident these days), with a cover of “All Apologies” thrown in for the cover lovers. No vid of that yet, but we do have the latest stop on Death Cab’s tireless New Moon promotional tour with this performance of “Meet Me On The Equinox” for Jimmy Kimmel:

Speaking of, Gabe at Videogum just saw New Moon. Here is his brave tale.