New Tape Deck Mountain Video – “Scantrons” (Stereogum Premiere)

We posted Tape Deck Mountain’s “Bat Lies” and “Ghost Colony” at the beginning of October, but I clearly had “Scantrons” on my mind:

I like the way “Scantrons” ushers in Tape Deck Mountain’s Ghost, “an album about being a ghost, thinking you’re a ghost, dreaming you’re a ghost, being a ghost, and getting good grades in school.” You get a waft of jangling Spaceman 3 echoes via these San Diego dudes going on about passing out multiple-choice fill-in-the-bubble tests and then things shift.

This video literalizes the lyrics. We see the guys climbing jagged Scantron tests (unending mountains of stress-inducing paperwork), setting up a practice space inside those SAT’s you failed so miserably, and becoming the test themselves. Fill in each circle/square completely.

Turn down the sound and watch the video with this anthemic City Light remix:

Tape Deck Mountain – “Scantrons (City Light Remix)” (MP3)

Ghost is out via Lefse.