New Fever Ray Video – “Keep The Streets Empty”

Few things have been as consistently immersive and reliably creepy as the unending flow of official videos from Fever Ray’s self-titled debut. They’ve been practically episodic in nature, this being the fifth (including one for her Nick Cave cover), and while almost every one has featured a different director (from Andreas Nilsson and Martin de Thurah to Johan Renck and, here, Jens Klevje & Fabian Svensson) and mico-aesthetic, each has successfully evoked the strange and delicate mix of dreamlike beauty and stark, mystical emotionality that threads and binds Fever Ray as a song cycle (and, a stage show). “Keep The Streets Empty” is the latest addition to a canon that deserves its DVD release (out today, yay). Aside from its climactic scene, it’s the least surrealistic of the set, with a Japanese noir sensibility and faces that are more human than human. Don’t worry though, it meets Karin Dreijer standards by being sufficiently shadowy and bleak. Happy Thanksgiving!

Fever Ray is out via Mute. Today sees the release of its triple-disc deluxe package, featuring the album plus two covers (including that Cave cover and Vashti Bunyan’s “Here Before”), a live CD, and a DVD with all of these videos.

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