Digital Leather – “Time To Pretend” (MGMT Cover)

Arizona-bred, Omaha-based Digital Leather mastermind Shawn Foree recently released Warm Brother via Fat Possum. You won’t find this cover of MGMT’s “Time To Pretend” anywhere near it. We asked Foree a couple of questions about his take.

Why did you decide to cover MGMT?
Stephen and I were talking about synths one day. he mentioned that MGMT used the same machine on “Time To Pretend” as I did on “Modern Castles.” He actually went to school with Andrew Vanwyngarden. At first we thought [of getting Andrew] in on it, but he kept talking about rapping over it instead of singing. Not really fond of that idea.

Are you fans of the band? The song? The lyrics?
We both like the song. Especially the lyrics. We decided to cover it. You know, just for fun.

How’d you decide on your arrangement?
Actually, [ex-Jay Reatard bandmates] Stephen [Pope] and Billy [Hayes] did drums and guitar in Memphis. I recorded keys in Omaha and vocals in Phoenix at my friend William’s apartment during a tour. Stephen mixed it while he was on tour with Jay. We wanted to do a straight cover. No deconstruction needed. Just as long as it was lo-fi we were happy girls.