Pay What You Want For Girl Talk’s Feed The Animals

According to, the new Girl Talk is gonna be ready for download sometime “over the next few weeks.” Gregg says this is his chamber pop masterpiece, featuring a 16 piece symphony orchestra, a vocal choir, and Brian Eno on production.

Totally JK it’s totally gonna be another supersample cocktail obviously. More than 300 samples, to be more precise, whilst clocking in at 55 minutes. As for the libraries he’s raiding:

“This project has always been about embracing pop,” Gillis says. “I feel like the source material on this record has more in-your-face classics. Because of that, it’s more over the top.”

And if you were one of those that thought Night Ripper needed to linger on some of those inspired sample blends a little longer, Gregg’s got you in mind, saying that he “spent time focusing on a particular song source … rather than jumping” around “as quickly as possible.” The only place this art will be available, legally, is Illegal Art. Price? It’s up to you. No really, etc. We’ll let you know when that happens. Also there will be shows — the Capitol Hill Block Party and the NYC area APW festival — and most likely there will be shirtlessness. Get ready to be tased, bro.

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