Watch Metallica Play Black Album Songs Live For The First Time

On Monday night, at a show in Prague, Metallica played all of their self-titled 1991 “Black Album” for the first time ever, starting it with the last song and ending it with album opener “Enter Sandman.” (I saw Jay-Z pull the same trick at his Reasonable Doubt 10th anniversary tour a few years ago. When the first song on the album is also the best-known one, it makes sense.) Before that show, the band had never played “The Struggle Within” or “Don’t Tread On Me” live before. They’ve got a few more Black Album shows coming up, so consider this a preview and watch a few highlights below.

(via Fuse)

Metallica will play both the Black Album and Ride The Lightning in full at their Orion Festival 6/23-24 in Atlantic City.

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