Pixies Perform “Debaser” & “Hey” On Fallon

A couple of weeks ago the Pixies brought “Here Comes Your Man” to Conan. Last night Doolittle’s seminal opening track, was of the band’s own choosing. Then, for a web-only exclusive, Jimmy “Fresh Prince Neil Young” Fallon’s viewers Tweeted their votes for a second Doolittle tune. There are obviously so many gems to choose from, and it went to “Hey.” As you’ll note in the above thumb, yesterday the band also finally unboxed the massive $500 Minotaur Deluxe Box Set. (You can watch a video of it complete with a loving slow-mo focus on the previously mentioned penis graffiti.)

The Twitter winner:

Reviews of the band’s Doolittle Tour haven’t been so hot. “Monday’s show was sturdy, dutiful and not particularly thrilling,” says NY Times. “It’s hard to consider them anything but a cynical corporation cashing in on blatant nostalgia,” quips Jim DeRogatis. I was as cynical as anyone when I heard about the reunion. Who really ever thought they got back together for the love of each other/the band or anything more than easy-to-sell nostalgia? At least to these ears, though, sometimes intentions don’t matter all that much. I thought those Fallon performances were enjoyable. (Kim’s having a good time, clearly.) Were they mindblowing? No. That’s how reunions go. It’s hard for a band to slay you when they’ve been removed from the timeline of their original context. Jesus Lizard 2009 is great, but they definitely pale in comparison to the more focused, dangerous, etc., Jesus Lizard of 1991, or whatever. So I guess if you go into it with zero expectations you can come back out with a little bit of fun?