Neil Young And Crazy Horse – “Jesus’ Chariot (She’ll Be Coming Round The Mountain)” Video

“She’ll Be Coming Round The Mountain” is one of the first songs every American kid learns. But in its original form, the song was a black spiritual about the welcome end of the world, and it didn’t have that line about how she’ll have to sleep with grandma when she comes. (Later, the song was repurposed to herald the arrival of Mary Harris “Mother” Jones, who worked to form labor unions in early 20th century Appalachian coal mining camps. Wikipedia!)

Neil Young recently reassembled his old fuzz-rock band Crazy Horse for the album Americana, which features them reworking old American folk-song standards. One of the songs they take on is the old ominous version, which they’ve retitled “Jesus’ Chariot.” And for the video, they’ve repurposed some footage from D.W. Griffith’s epic racist-as-fuck silent film Birth Of A Nation, which seems thematically appropriate considering the song’s history. Watch it below.

Americana is out 6/5 on Reprise, and you can also check out their version of “Oh Susanna.”