New Spoon – “Written In Reverse”

After this morning, we were an album cover closer to Spoon’s Transference in all its anticipated glory. In posting it Brandon likened collecting the various promo bits to piecing together a puzzle, so it’s somewhat fitting the album’s first single has a title promising a riddle. We first heard this one after last year’s festivals where folks were calling it “Writing To You In Reverse,” but in the studio Britt’s given it his own title (fair play) and made an honest Spoon song out of it, setting up the piano-vamped two-step with typically taut and uncluttered production. There are harmonies and bars of fuzzed guitars, overall hitting the Spoony sweet spots.

Also streaming at NPR. The DJ seems pretty psyched on the record.

Transference is out 1/19 via Merge.

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