New WHY? Video – “These Hands” / “January Twenty Something”

With the help of director Ben Barnes, Yoni Wolf and his band of bay-area WHY? guys have made a two-part high-def epic out of the video treatment for their latest LP Eskimo Snow’s opening two tracks. The transitional moment between the two songs is a moment of silence and a good vibe, and that’s how the video flows as well — a bit of black and a change of scenery. The action opens on with a bit of surreal cinema for “These Hands,” where a child is carried from some slow-motion wreckage by a man with hands like his father’s, only smaller, and a back like his father’s, only more full of arrows. There’s CPR being administered and lives are being lost and then suddenly we’re at WHY? band practice for “January Twenty Something.” All in crisp HD. It’s nice to see Yoni use his actual face in one of these, instead of just looking so sketchy, so have a look:

Eskimo Snow is out via Anticon.

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