New Hot Chip – “One Life Stand”

One Life Stand is Hot Chip’s fourth album, joining a growing list of exciting releases on the 2010 docket. We’ve taken in “Take It In,” today the nerdy/sexy/sweet electropop lads offer a listen of their senior set’s (excellently titled) title track. They open it up the way Basement Jaxx might, spare bass and synth portending some sort of explosion, but then it turns to slick dance rock territory, the disco guitar, Joe Goddard’s molasses-coated backing vocal, etc. The hook is sweet, because Hot Chip’s got a way of mixing their booty shaking with genuine pathos. Alexis sings “I only want to be your one life stand / tell me do you stand by your man.” It’s a bit heavy for a club-floor come-on, but then Taylor’s already spent an album sounding the warning, and another telling you he’s ready for the floor.

Here’s to next steps. One Life Stand is out 2/9 via Astralwerks.

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